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KASAK TRAVEL Lightroom Presets + Mobile

15 Presets for Adobe Lightroom + Mobile presets

Developed by the landscape photographer Pavel Kasak. You will also find presets which will create a warm harmony. These presets are a great start and help to edit your Images. DonĀ“t waste time with adding contrast, blacks & Whites.

By buying this package: includes 15 KASAK TRAVEL Lightroom Presets + Mobile presets


15x presets 

All presets work on RAW and JPG images

8x Compatible with both Mac and PC

7x Compatible with Free Adobe Lightroom Mobil CC App

Guide to install your preset included

Mac and PC presets

Mobile presets

Thank you for choosing the KASAK Lightroom Presets + Mobile.

By purchasing this presets package, you also support my upcoming journeys around the world.

Notice: Since every image is unique and every photographer is using his or her own personal style to edit the image - you will always have to adjust the fine-tune settings like the exposure, contrast or the black and whites.

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