Presets - Pavel Kasak

PK20 Lightroom Presets

38x Presets for Adobe Lightroom/ Mobile 

Developed by the photographer Pavel Kasak. You will also find presets which will create a warm harmony. These presets are a great start and help to edit your Images. DonĀ“t waste time with adding contrast, blacks & Whites.

By buying this package: includes 38X PK20 Lightroom Presets/ Mobile 


38x presets 

All presets work on RAW and JPG images

23x Compatible with both Mac and PC

15x Compatible for Mobile 

Guide to install your preset included

PC/MOBILE presets

38x Presets

Thank you for choosing the PK20 Lightroom Presets

By purchasing this presets package, you also support my upcoming journeys around the world.

Notice: Since every image is unique and every photographer is using his or her own personal style to edit the image - you will always have to adjust the fine-tune settings like the exposure, contrast or the black and whites.

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